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Round-shaped diamonds are the true traditionalists and thus tend to incline to the classic shapes.

The Princess Cut is usually the favorite of brides that would like something traditional, but with special appeal.

Heart-shaped diamonds are an elegant gift that will never be missed in an engagement proposal. The romantic shape will certainly touch your lover’s heart.

Brides that like showing off what they've got will definitely be happy to get a ring with a Radiant Cut diamond.

The Emerald Cut is chosen by people who want to have a unique engagement ring- since most rings use the Round-shaped stone. The Emerald Cut could fit various engagement ring settings including Solitaire, Three-Stones, with Pave, and with Halo.

Oval-Shaped diamonds boast the ability to sparkle just like The Round-shaped stone owing to the same amount of facets. This classy shape is a favorite among self-confident brides with good taste.

The Pear is the hybrid of the Oval and Marquise shape, which makes it appear unique and very stylish. This shape is intended for women who are not afraid of setting their own style standards.

The Marquise shape is supposed to maximize the carat weight of the stone, for the impressive budget-friendly engagement ring.

The shape of The Cushion-Cut diamond is something between the Round-shaped and the Princess Cut style. It belongs to the romantic type of people.

Asscher is fashion conscious.

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